Thursday, May 3, 2007

Kya Hua Jo Laari Choote.......

It's a nice song, just trying new feature of blogger to convert English text to Hindi script.

Kismat ka khel hai sara
Phirta tha mein awara
Yeh kya se kya hogaya
Chaar din ki zindagani
Har pal ki ek nai kahani
Kya tha mein kya ban gaya

Kya hua jo larrri chuti
Jeevan ki gadi looti
Khwaab hai to mujhko naa jaga
Zindagi ek pal mein salli
Yun palat gai humari
Jhooth hai tu mujhko na bataa

Karlo jo bhi karna hai
Hota hai jo hona hai
Guzra to pal yeh phir na aayega
Kya bura hai kya bhala hai
Waqt hi shayaad khuda hai
ho jane do phir dekha jayega

Kya hua jo larrri chuti
Jeevan ki gadi looti
Khwaab hai to mujhko naa jaga
Zindagi ek pal mein salli
Yun palat gai humari
Jhooth hai tu mujhko na bataa

Devanagari Script is Here.....

किस्मत का खेल है सारा
फिरता था में आवारा
यह क्या से क्या होगया
चार दिन कि ज़िन्दगानी
हर पल कि एक नई कहानी
क्या था में क्या बन गया

क्या हुआ जो लारी छूटी
जीवन कि गाडी लूटी
ख्वाब है तो मुझको ना जगा
जिन्दगी एक पल में साली
यूं पलट गई हमारी
झूठ है तू मुझको ना बता

करलो जो भी करना है
होता है जो होना है
गुजरा तो पल ये फिर ना आएगा
क्या बुरा है क्या भला है
वक़्त ही शायद खुदा है
हो जाने दो फिर देखा जाएगा

क्या हुआ जो लारी छूटी
जीवन की गाडी लूटी
ख्वाब है तो मुझको ना जगा
जिन्दगी एक पल में साली
यूं पलट गई हमारी
झूठ है तू मुझको ना बता

--Lyrics courtesy:- Friendskorner

I am Back and Enjoying the Hot Weather!!

I'm back and it's very long time I have written something on this blog. There was nothing in my mind to write about from last couple of weeks. So, do I have something to share now : not exactly. Just trying to write some gibberish.

It's very hot in Delhi right now and everyone is enjoying it :(. Me too!! Chilled water, ice-cream, Mango shake etc. can only be enjoyed in these months. So enjoy it...and Have fun.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

I'm Off to My Home Town

I am leaving for my home town today for a week. I think it will be a great journey and will meet lots of people from my village and school. I'll be attending wedding of a cousin.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Back to Work

Well, the long weekend is over and I am busy with my job again. It feels good to have a long weekend and freshness after that. I visited Rishikesh and Haridwar on 6th April. Not a great place to visit but just fine to have a get away to refresh your mind. I had some pleasant and some unpleasant experiences over there. Being a holy place according to Hindu methodology, Haridwar is a place crowded with beggars, snake charmers and all types of other religious looters. A person like me, can get irritated by all this. I wish, local authorities should take some actions to stop all this.

Okay, I want to write about the whole journey. We reached Rishikesh around 4'o clock in the morning, rented a room in Shivlok Hotel and took rest for 2-3 hours. Then we started sight seeing. There are some good places to visit like Lakshman Jhoola, Ram Jhoola, Muni ki Reti etc. The fresh air and view of Ganga river from Lakshman Jhoola was fantastic. We ate our breakfast in "Choti Wala" Restaurant. The food was very good and service, great.

Around 11'o clock, we reached Haridwar, took a bath in holy ganga. The water of Ganga was ice cool. We had our lunch in a nearby dhaba. And after that we started our journey to Delhi.

Thats all for now.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Long Weekend is Around the Corner

Okay, at last long weekend (4-Day Off from work) is around the corner, thanks to two holidays on Friday and Monday. There are lots of plans like a visit to my village or tour to any calm tourist location or if neither is possible (Its unlikely) than I'll study hard..very very hard. Most of my weekends involve visiting a friend, doing chores, reading and shopping (though rarely). So, I hope this extended weekend will be something different from previous ones. Atleast I hope so.

If I will be off for my village than its likely that I've to take leaves, as it takes 14 Hours from Delhi to reach there. So I can say it will be like a vacation for me. I like to travel places I have not been earlier. It feels something great to explore a new place specially far from city chaos.

So, no emails, RSS feeds, blogs, Googlism, Wikipediaing, and of course diggs for next few days.

Monday, April 2, 2007

Full Meaning of Life

"When you savor the present, are grateful for the past, and are hopeful for the future, you are experiencing positive emotion, the first component of happiness. When you do what you do best, when you use your signature strengths in your life’s work, you are engaged; this is the second contributor to happiness. And when you are involved in activities that are beyond your self-interest, and that you believe matter to the world, you are experiencing the third and final component of the good life: your life is full of meaning."
Through Positive Psychology.

This is the best text I've found about the full meaning of life. I am totally agree with all the points David J. Pollay wrote above. Actually, feeling happiness and successful in one's life is merely not associated with how much money he/she earned thoughout his/her life. There are other factors associated with this fact. You can't get smell of a flower with chirping of birds in a garden into your expensive living room filled with gadgets of all kind.

What's your take on keys to happiness?? Do share with your valuable comments.

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Monday Blues? Beat it Up!

Its Monday again..I feel something diffrent on this very first day of the week. Sometimes, It is refreshing and other times just big pain on Mondays that come after two days off. It feels like some pain in the body and mind. But, sometimes its really fantastic feeling after a lazy sunday. Of course , you can beat monday blues by sharing your ideas, having a nice lunch/dinner or anything else you want to enjoy. My own tips for beating monday blues are:-

  • Read somthing humorous if you have time. It will make you feel some relaxed and less stressed.
  • Try to minimize outdoor activities to a minimal level. I know its not possible for all folks like marketing professionals.
  • If you're not an exercise freak, try to exercise for five minutes at least on Monday morning.
Okay, these are my own ideas, If you have some more practical ideas, do share them through comments.

Saturday, March 31, 2007

I am Going to Embark on Blog Journey...

Fuzzy logic is derived from fuzzy set theory dealing with reasoning that is approximate rather than precisely deduced from classical predicate logic. It can be thought of as the application side of fuzzy set theory dealing with well thought out real world expert values for a complex problem (Klir 1997).


This is my first post. I will try to pour some my own "fuzzy bytes" into this blog randomly. You'll ask me about title of the blog. well, I think you can guess, I have keen interest in mathmatics and logic. So, after brainstorming for a few moments, while I was typing a URL name at the time of blog creation, this name came in my mind.

Of course, the bytes I'll write in this blog about, will match with the title as I am gonna write whatever comes in my mind spontaneously or after a brainstorming.