Saturday, March 31, 2007

I am Going to Embark on Blog Journey...

Fuzzy logic is derived from fuzzy set theory dealing with reasoning that is approximate rather than precisely deduced from classical predicate logic. It can be thought of as the application side of fuzzy set theory dealing with well thought out real world expert values for a complex problem (Klir 1997).


This is my first post. I will try to pour some my own "fuzzy bytes" into this blog randomly. You'll ask me about title of the blog. well, I think you can guess, I have keen interest in mathmatics and logic. So, after brainstorming for a few moments, while I was typing a URL name at the time of blog creation, this name came in my mind.

Of course, the bytes I'll write in this blog about, will match with the title as I am gonna write whatever comes in my mind spontaneously or after a brainstorming.

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