Sunday, April 1, 2007

Monday Blues? Beat it Up!

Its Monday again..I feel something diffrent on this very first day of the week. Sometimes, It is refreshing and other times just big pain on Mondays that come after two days off. It feels like some pain in the body and mind. But, sometimes its really fantastic feeling after a lazy sunday. Of course , you can beat monday blues by sharing your ideas, having a nice lunch/dinner or anything else you want to enjoy. My own tips for beating monday blues are:-

  • Read somthing humorous if you have time. It will make you feel some relaxed and less stressed.
  • Try to minimize outdoor activities to a minimal level. I know its not possible for all folks like marketing professionals.
  • If you're not an exercise freak, try to exercise for five minutes at least on Monday morning.
Okay, these are my own ideas, If you have some more practical ideas, do share them through comments.

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