Monday, April 2, 2007

Full Meaning of Life

"When you savor the present, are grateful for the past, and are hopeful for the future, you are experiencing positive emotion, the first component of happiness. When you do what you do best, when you use your signature strengths in your life’s work, you are engaged; this is the second contributor to happiness. And when you are involved in activities that are beyond your self-interest, and that you believe matter to the world, you are experiencing the third and final component of the good life: your life is full of meaning."
Through Positive Psychology.

This is the best text I've found about the full meaning of life. I am totally agree with all the points David J. Pollay wrote above. Actually, feeling happiness and successful in one's life is merely not associated with how much money he/she earned thoughout his/her life. There are other factors associated with this fact. You can't get smell of a flower with chirping of birds in a garden into your expensive living room filled with gadgets of all kind.

What's your take on keys to happiness?? Do share with your valuable comments.

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