Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Long Weekend is Around the Corner

Okay, at last long weekend (4-Day Off from work) is around the corner, thanks to two holidays on Friday and Monday. There are lots of plans like a visit to my village or tour to any calm tourist location or if neither is possible (Its unlikely) than I'll study hard..very very hard. Most of my weekends involve visiting a friend, doing chores, reading and shopping (though rarely). So, I hope this extended weekend will be something different from previous ones. Atleast I hope so.

If I will be off for my village than its likely that I've to take leaves, as it takes 14 Hours from Delhi to reach there. So I can say it will be like a vacation for me. I like to travel places I have not been earlier. It feels something great to explore a new place specially far from city chaos.

So, no emails, RSS feeds, blogs, Googlism, Wikipediaing, and of course diggs for next few days.

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