Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Back to Work

Well, the long weekend is over and I am busy with my job again. It feels good to have a long weekend and freshness after that. I visited Rishikesh and Haridwar on 6th April. Not a great place to visit but just fine to have a get away to refresh your mind. I had some pleasant and some unpleasant experiences over there. Being a holy place according to Hindu methodology, Haridwar is a place crowded with beggars, snake charmers and all types of other religious looters. A person like me, can get irritated by all this. I wish, local authorities should take some actions to stop all this.

Okay, I want to write about the whole journey. We reached Rishikesh around 4'o clock in the morning, rented a room in Shivlok Hotel and took rest for 2-3 hours. Then we started sight seeing. There are some good places to visit like Lakshman Jhoola, Ram Jhoola, Muni ki Reti etc. The fresh air and view of Ganga river from Lakshman Jhoola was fantastic. We ate our breakfast in "Choti Wala" Restaurant. The food was very good and service, great.

Around 11'o clock, we reached Haridwar, took a bath in holy ganga. The water of Ganga was ice cool. We had our lunch in a nearby dhaba. And after that we started our journey to Delhi.

Thats all for now.

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